Our alternative filipino channel, Jopeth23, is our streamer featured for this week!


If you want some punny tito jokes while watching / playing games with him, well go to Jopeth23, the Alternative Filpino Channel. I picked him because he is entertaining and he is a humble person by the way.

About Jopeth23

Peter John Flores, also known as Jopeth23 (Jopeth two-three) currently lived in Olongapo City where the subic bay is located. His channel created last 2006 on YouTube when he was in college. It is because he wants to be like PewDiePie or Jacksepticeye before. The Soviet Union theme came from the 2000 game “Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2” which is a real-time strategy game. 8 years later, Jopeth’s first gameplay uploaded on YouTube was “The Final Station” which is trending shooting 2D indie game before.

Many months later, Jopeth decided to go livestream on Twitch last June 1, 2017 to finish the first Little Nightmares stream. After that stream, Jopeth posted some of their livestreams on YouTube until he decided to stream on Twitch.

Current Games he streamed

1. Jackbox Party Pack

There’s no way you can’t forget Jopeth23 if you didn’t play or viewed this game. When Bracketeering or Survive the Internet started, it takes a lot of filipino memes and dirty words that is original in his channel every saturday or every giveaway / special time.


Jopeth actually plays PUBG seriously because he don’t want to distract while playing serious games. Also, Jopeth hit the 100+ viewer mark by playing this. Also, these game is the reason why he is partnered on Twitch.

3. Horror Games

Jopeth loves horror games but he hates jumpscares (i think). One of the remarkable game most viewed clips on his stream is “Doki Doki Literature Club”, “Outlast” and “The Evil Within”.

4. Indie Games

Jopeth23 played so many indie games from keymailer and also, indie steam games from the developers, and so much more.

5. Chill Games

Jopeth also played chill games with songrequests. So you can sing along with your favorite song, beerhouse song and any other meme related song.

What’s unique on his personality?

1. Tito jokes and puns.

If there’s a people / phrase that is appropriate to Jopeth’s horrible pun and knock knock jokes, it will say it on stream and on his personal facebook page.

2. Stream Advises on or off stream.

If you want an advise for streaming techniques such as how to entertain our audiences, he will guide you through that. One of the streamers helped him to stand out is ShineKittenLove, which is from 3 viewers until she is a partnered streamer now.

3. Entertainment first.

Even the average viewcount of his stream is 11 viewers or up, Jopeth23 will entertain you, no matter what.


He is now currently streaming on StreamCraft and on Facebook Gaming, so if you want to check it out, the links will gonna be in his Facebook Page. Also if you want to see another streamer to be featured, go to this link.