Facebook is implementing a new feature for creators!


After the launch of fb.gg to send stars and share streams, Facebook launches another way of supporting content creators. It is called Facebook for Creators.

Now, creators can manage one, or all pages you’ve managed at the same time. You can also monetize and protect your content from stealing onto other pages. Crossposting, and other stuffs that I’ve discuss later.

Facebook creators can now manage your own content easily!

As I said earlier, you can manage your page as many as you can manage with a click of a check button (even business accounts are also included).

Crossposting on both pages is also good for both pages that have a same content. Add 2 or more videos at the same time with a new uploader specifically for creators! This is a great tool for scheduling and premiering content on facebook.

Monetize your content!

Now you can monetize your 10-minute content with some mid-roll ads from advertisers, same as YouTube or Twitch. like you can manage your content easier. You can also check if it is eligible to monetize it your creator studio.

Protect it from Copyright!

You can protect your content for some pages that you know that you steal your content without permission and you want to take it down. So this is the great tool for that.

How to be a part of it?

Well then, you want to be a Fellow Content Creator, go to this website and sign up for that. After you finished signed up, Go to your creator studio on your page, check for your ad breaks access and your rights manager for more info how to be eligible.

So how to see your creator studio account?

Just go to this website and bookmark it if ever. Check your page only, or if you want to manage all of your pages, you can do also there. Like all pages in one newsfeed.

Full details of this update and more on this website.