These are my tips if you want to start streaming on various platforms.


If you want to start a gaming, a variety stream, or just your normal IRL stream on different platforms, you will conquer a lot of challenges and unexpected circumstances on your brand.

1. Pick a great platform that is suitable for your brand.

Pick a platform that will gain a lot of boost to your community and your brand also if there’s a support for that community, or it has a great features.

For example, If you are focused on one avenue like your Facebook page is boosting too much views on your videos, then go to that platform.

If you’re starting a Twitch channel with a lot of viewers on your first stream, then go to that platform. And so on and so forth.

2. Be creative.

Planning is a great way to make a lot of traffic on your channel. Think a unique content or segment that is not seen by other viewers that will make a great impact on your brand.

Also, make a creative stream overlay or backgrounds which will stand out your streams and it also serves your overlays a personality. Like you are too obvious if you add this on a video. Especially on first timers.

3. Be yourself.

Just don’t be a faker. Idolizing your favorite streamer is good but do not impersonate other streamers to make a revenue or to tease them because of their content.

Also some of the platforms such as Twitch will ban you from impersonating and so on. Also check for community guidelines for the ground rules of do’s and dont’s for that platform.

4. Entertain your viewers as hard as you can.

Being a streamer is also an entertainer. So make your content stand out, and also make your viewers get as happy as they can.

If you want to be like that, just be happy and be yourself. Like you laughed naturally and not fake. If you have funny moment/s while you’re in game or in collab, do not act like you’re out of place.

5. Share your stream on various social media sites.

Sharing your streams in some social media sites like Discord or on your personal Facebook and Twitter pages to see that your viewers are currently streaming to a game or a place. Sharing is caring, remember?

Another tip for promoting your content on groups or servers is to pick a specific group that is good for that game.

6. Interact to your viewers.

Each viewer are your best friends in your community. So make a shout out, a follow notice and also add some perks such as fansigns or discord roles when you have a very loyal fan of your channel.

If you want to improve your community without any cancers or trolls, check these tips below.

7. Moderate and ban trolls.

Also, some viewers are your greatest enemies or trolls that will pull you down on your streaming career like you are banned from streaming in a definite or indefinite days.

It is because some trolls or cancers will say some nastiest and meanest words that will blow you off.

So if you want to make it care of your stream and don’t want to get f-ed up with these trollers or raiders, make sure to pick your moderators as active as posible.

8. Pick your best bots.

If there’s a troll viewers everywhere, your bots will go to the rescue to help restoring your stream into it.

So if you want to enjoy timeouts on trolls and intruders which is not good, enjoy fun commands and giveaway and quotes services, pick a best bot like Streamlabs Chatbot or Streamelements.

9. Private is private. Public is public.

All of your viewers will request your business email, phone, or even your address. So will get safe from any kind of doxxing, compromized emails or passwords, or anything else.

Also, private conversations on voice chat such as Dramas will also drag your channel down or even lost your job or reputation, so be careful about that.

The best ways not be compromized is to use Two-Factor Authentication such as Authy and Google Authenticator, Use backup codes and add it on your cloud such as google drive, and use secure password managers such as Lastpass.

10. Viewers are your #1 priority.

Your viewers will sometimes give you a great feedback on your content or constructive criticisms on YouTube or other streams.

So feel free to improve it or make a twist about that so your viewers have a feeling that you’ve changed a lot.

But anyways, this is only a tip. You will decide if you want to do it or not because it is your content. Duh?

Do whatever you want because it is your original content. But accept the concequences that you may ban or add a warning when you did bad on your platform’s TOS.