Beklang Unicorn, a League of Legends streamer passed away yesterday morning


League of Legends streamer, Christian Yani Arevalo, also known as “Beklang Unicorn” recently passed away last Friday, March 8 because of Pulmonary Tubercolosis. The friends and admins of the streamer confirmed her death on a post this morning.

Her last stream on Facebook Gaming last February 11, she felt a little discomfort on her stream and took a couple of minutes after she play a game.

After the stream, she didn’t stream or post an update shortly after and after a couple of weeks, Christian was diagnosed on March 2 and Rumble Royale published a donation page to help Christian’s hospital expenses and future plans. And the sad and unexpected event happens.

If you want to view Christian’s remains, you can visit her on Loyola Memorial Park.

Our deepest condolences to the friends, loyal viewers and families of Beklang Unicorn. May your soul rest in peace. We will miss her so much.

“Huwag kang magpapakabog.” — Beklang Unicorn