MyKitty Gaming is our streamer of this week!


From a cute gamer, to become a great streamer, MyKitty is one of the emerging level up streamers here on Facebook Gaming. I picked her because she had a great potential to grow and be a big streamer in the future. And she knows how to build a great community for it.

About MyKitty Gaming

Angel Lyxeia, also known as MyKitty or MyKitty Gaming currently lived in the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, which is Pampanga and she started on Cube TV to stream games.

Kitty also played game such as Audition, and some varieties of games on her account.

But Kitty didn’t see their viewers on cube quite much great, so Kitty decided to go to another platform which is Tamago Live. And Kitty’s viewers have been grown from 5 viewers to 45–50 viewers per stream.

That’s the time that she’s working hard to stream on Tamago, then suddenly Astro calls an order to the platform that Tamago will be shut down out of nowhere.

And Kitty suddenly moved onto Facebook Gaming because of Tamago and Kitty just become popular from 30 to 70 concurrent average viewers per stream because of ROS in general.

Games she’d played right now

1. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is one of the most popular streams ever streamed on her career. Her stream do an average of 100–200 views on it’s custom games and invite modes.

Kitty is also good for entertaining clans to join the custom games to make fun of it, and it will literally lift you up on your rankings in every season.

Update: Kitty is not playing ROS right now.

2. Mobile Legends

She played ML like a week ago, because she wants to stream LOL on her PC, but it failed because of frame drops and other connection problems.

Currently, Kitty played this game offline and that stream of ML is just a test stream. I wonder how Kitty will handle all of their games in general.

3. League of Legends

The latest game she’d played on her stream. Because of a sudden change in the community, Kitty moved onto MOBA games, which is LOL.

And now, she garnered a range from 10–30 viewers as of now, and Kitty wants to know the basics because she just a new player want to learn again.

What’s unique on her personality?

1. The interactivity to her viewers.

Kitty is really good at interacting some viewers on her stream. Some viewers are really desperate to have a fansign or a shoutout on her because she is interactive on both stream chats and game chats.

2. Very friendly.

Kitty is one of the streamers who can easily catch up with people while doing a really intense game stream like ROS or LOL for example.

3. Not perfect, but a great community.

Kitty has a great communities of LOL and ROS because she’s doing her job very, very hard. She is also open for a new community because Kitty wants to be a variety streamer, but she can’t because of a potato PC.

You can follow MyKitty on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can see her channel also on YouTube.


I’m really sorry for what I’ve done on the “he/him” sentence of this article. Contact me if you want to clarify my work.

Originally published at on March 10, 2019.