What will you expect? : CONQuest 2019

On the very first article of “What will you expect?”, I will discuss about what will happen in the 3rd Globe and ISC Events’ CONQuest 2019.

Globe and ISC Events partnered once again for the CONQuest 2019. The biggest Esports and pop culture event in Visayas and Mindanao is now back on it’s 3rd year on Iloilo Convention Center this coming June 22 and 23 this year.

It also features a lot of content creators, streamers and comic artists on that specific event. Some of the featured peoples in this event are GLOCO Gaming, Suzzysaur, and Asurai for gaming; Cong TV, RogerRaker, ThatsBella, and Hazel Quing for vlogging; and LibrengKomiks, LittleThingsPH, Liui and Aeonix for artists.

That’s Esports, Streaming, Anime, Arts and vlogging in a same 2 day event. It is a great jam-packed experience for all newcommers and second timers.

But if you’re from Luzon, or if you just want guides to enjoy or to prepare for this event, don’t worry, cause I will give you a lot of expectations to remember when it comes on

Expectations to Remember

1. Expect a high flight and hotel rates when you go from Manila to Iloilo (If you’re from Luzon area)

When you go to Expedia, the cheapest roundtrip ticket from Manila to Iloilo is $184 or just straightly ₱10,000+. If you want to go on RORO via 2GO, it cost ₱1,000+ per ferry ride. And that’s not all. Hotel costs ₱2000+ for a full 3 night stay from Friday to Monday. So, just save up if you’re going. Right now.

2. Expect to invest a sufficient amount of money for merch, and the food itself.

Expect a lot of money when it comes to these kinds of stuff. But if you don’t want to buy a lot on that event, it is recommended because some free loots will be giving away!

3. Expect a lot of people going on that event.

It is a jam packed event full of tournaments and stuff, so expect that this event will have a large amount of people entering the convention itself.

4. Expect to be early in that convention.

As I said earlier, theres a lot of events and people, too. If you don’t want to miss this exciting event, or to get bored on entrance, I advice to go early because as I said earlier, CONQuest is a jam-packed event.

5. Expect a lot of open and closed tournaments in the event.

Mobile Legends, Tekken 7, NBA 2K19, and a lot more. These are the open and closed or register-based tournaments that will held on-site.

Here are the lineups for this event if you want to join the tournament:

6. Expect a lot of people go into fan meetups.

A lot. Because it is a public fan meetups. Expect a bunch of people just stayed at his/her position waiting for a queue to just go. Because it is definitely a lot of people to do meetups like that. So also, be early and stay alert.

Here is the official lineup of that said infographic:

7. Expect to bring friends, or online friends on this event to save more!

There’s no thrill and happiness without any friends, or your online friends. So, if you want to bring a circle of friends, make sure that you talked for a ticket for more than 5 friends and get a barkada bundle from it to save money from individual tickets.

8. Expect to buy VIP ticket on meet and greets and a free swags.

If you don’t want to just gtfo by the event marshalls when you’re favorite fan shows up, consider to buy a VIP ticket for that event. It is because there’s a great swag at that event, and one meet and greet event for exclusive VIP members. Consider thinking before you buy.

9. Expect to be or not to be featured on RR and Tier One Booths.

Some livestream network booths like Rumble Royale and Tier One and they both offer a livestreamer feature booth like ICON on last year’s ESGS and RR’s Be a Streamer campaign which is the’res a form to be filled up. And that’s it. I don’t know if there’s a booth for that, but if they have it, don’t stand a chance to go on that booth. It is defenitely worth it.

These are just a tip if you want to enjoy your fantastic 1 day, or even 2 days experience on CONQuest. Did I miss something that is applicable to this guide? Let me know in the responses section below and I will update it sooner or later.