“Bayani: Kanino ka kakampi?”, an indie fighting game is now out on Steam

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Have you ever imagined that you are fighting against your favorite national heroes one-on-one? And you can view the history and culture of the Philippines? Well, that is what Ranida Games’ Bayani is definitely pushing this game through the limit.

“Bayani: Kanino ka kakampi?” is a 2D fighting mechanics and a combination of a full 3D graphics with a simplified 6 button system like your favorite fighting games and it is now launched on Steam as an early access last Independence Day of 2019.

On the early access demo of Bayani, You can play as Joe, Tonio, Leon, and Oria, where the other characters like Dre, Rio, Lola Tsora and Fernando are locked and cannot be played yet.

Also, after this Steam release, Ranida Games also have a plan to release it in consoles like Nintendo Switch, and also on mobile devices as well.

Personal Game Insights

I test it out first on Pinoy Gaming Festival last April this year, and this week on my stream. Overall, the game on it’s early access release is so good. Even the gameplay for some reasons are too easy for that AI.

One of the problems I’ve encountered on this game is there’s no Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert AIs for competitive reasons. I think it is because they are focusing on other features such as online networking.

Another one for the characters. Tonio is too hard to play, while the other 3 is too OP. The ultimate for tonio is super precise, in my opinion. So I think some characters will be nerfed on the future updates.

Also, the Graphics glitch for the game (keeps on low even on medium-high setting) and the Audio glitch (plays the audio even on desktop) will definitely get fixed on the future versiond of it.

So, that’s it for the game. I will also update you on all these character or patch notes in the future build of this project.


Even it is on early access, It is a really great experience of playing this game, and I’m honored to play it and test it before it’s going to be released as a full version of the game, and if it’s going to consoles such as Switch or PS4, I am definitely freaked out.

If you want this game to buy it on Steam, you can by clicking this link below.

Special thanks to Ranida Games for giving me the beta game key to test it out on stream and for reviewing it also on this article.

Credits: Ranida Games, Bayani’s Facebook Page