2020 is the best year to speak the truth to your family, friends, and relatives that you trust, and set your self-jailing on lies and concequences, freed. And we wanna stand out that all men, women, LGBTQI+ are equal, with dignity, respect, and rights and cannot be abuse by anyone.

#MeToo is not just the hashtag. It is the purpose of empowering genders, as a whole, not to be physically disturbed, without permission.

Mostly, we agree that the women are a target of harassment in the first place. In work, Catcalling on the road, releasing the dragon in the bus, and it is silently crawling the lost dignity from them.

Currently, the typical problems of why are people scared of accusing him or them because most of the case is on our office itself. You know the news flirt scene in “Scary Movie 3”? I know it is bad, but that will be happened on our surroundings, and our people if we just sit there and act like a normal person, normalizing that action every single time. And that is the truth on some offices right away.

First is on the HR Dept., who does care the company, not the people (realtalk). Second is the career opportunities which is you know, if you are accussing a CEO of course, you will get punished. And third is the circle of coworkers just doing their job to have a peer pressure of I can do it or not. So that’s why a lots of accussations are messing up the internet after 2 years, or for some cases, 10 years. If you apply it everywhere, it is a really toxic society after that.

You know the history of the comfort women of the japanese soldiers during world war, the case of Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili, the physical harassment of Vhong Navarro, the harassment case of Gretchen Fullido and the latest, the social media post case of Liza Soberano. They are the brave men and women who are willing to speak the truth and defend themselves what is right and what is wrong.

So again, please speak up for your own good, their good, and the society itself. And for the enablers out there just to defend the accussed violator, shame on you.