Firstly, among us is a great roleplaying game, except on the asia server, this is literally the worst experience I have ever played in my life.

3-5 people literally left the server because he/she is not an imposter, the instant vote if it’s not a filipino language, saying the role every game, and of course, the names of the players.

I found this experience so annoying because you are the imposter and they just left 5-7 people for like a minute, that is not unfair to everyone involved on that server because MANY OF THESE ARE KIDS. Geez, it’s a 16+ game, wtf?

And of course, the fucking pages or channels who literally posts mod apks and hacks to just ruining the game for everyone. I hate it.

To be honest, among us is fun but with fucking exceptions. It lasts a round for about a few minutes and it is the worst experience. I prefer to use discord and the private room feature to enhance the core gameplay.

And for these degenerants reading here, please do your task even as a ghost, reduce toxicity, and don’t leave if you’re a crewmate. Among us community hates us because of what you do, so please, make this ph community change.