#CancelKorea is trending on Twitter Philippines and it is the first on the list. A Filipina-American tiktoker Bella Porch is heavily criticized by koreans because of the war, and Koreans think that the Philippines is a “slave country” which is not.

For me, I think other koreans know that they also hate the toxic koreans who is on the internet smashing the philippine flag because of retarded normies.

And the #CancelKorea has trend because you know the filipino spirit, when other pinoys are bullied, we too. And to be honest, some tweets I read are the victims of a Filipino war veteran who died on Korean war before. Others are just normies who just bandwag the trend.

You know guys, toxicity cannot defines you as a person. Because you’re in a lot of anger and hatred in your body, they can’t just let it all out and back to normal right?

Even MAINSTREAM MEDIA is covering this because of a single dance post, geez. Please stop the hate and stop the korea vs. philippines thing and apologize to each other, the toxic and friendly communities because remember, WE ARE IN A MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC. Guys, grow up.