You know what is it guys, LOL Wild rift is now available in some players here in the Philippines, and you know what the hell is happening afterwards, toxic community if Riot is not controlling them, and the ”iyakan centers” and “freedom walls” which is some people just bashing them because they are suck, or the other players suck, most of the time.

And you know, because most of the players are came from… you know, the chinese moba game that I don’t want to call it, some players just fucking skip the tutorial and they know the rules of the game which is not, so they recieve a negative play after that. So I’ve picked a list of do’s and don’ts while playing a game in general.

First, If you’re new on the game, please don’t skip. Please don’t make the lobby full of cancerous players that they don’t know what the fuck they are dealing with.

Second, Please, please, please, please, please please, dont make a peenoise move in the chat. You know that there’s a kid who just wants to ruin the game, and also other kids are just trashtalking the other kid. Please don’t bear with them. Just report it and don’t counter them with just a toxic move. That’s why we are featured in many lol articles because of this.

Third, don’t ban evade. You deserved it and you will face the concequence of dealing with a lot of toxic behaviour. If you’re a casual gamer or a newbie gamer, it’s ok. Don’t do that ever again or else your account will be permaban.

Fourth, NEVER EVER posts links with hacks or skin cheats on the game. This is to promote the devs their hardwork to design, create and port wildrift to other services. Please support them.

And lastly, don’t be a dick. You know how to make a dick move to somebody, right? Don’t do that on wild rift.

Please make the LOL community here in the Philippines away for those who just ruin the game like a fucking loser. Please riot, make an improved punishment system right now.