So what actually is “Ligma”?


Have you heard about the news (fake news, actually) that the Twitch streamer Ninja was diagnosed with ligma last week. It is also reported by many news sources. So what is ligma and why it is spread on the internet so much?

What is Ligma?

Ligma is a fake disease that whoever says the word “What is ligma?”, “What’s ligma?” or any other questions that is related to ligma, other people will says “Ligma balls.”, “Ligma nuts” or whatsoever to troll him/her reffering to “lick my”.

(Note: Massive Earrape)

The spread of Ligma throughout the internet

The spread of this hoax throughout the internet is rapidly spreading after ninja trolled his instagram followers. There was a plenty of memes arised after that troll and Ninja decided to ban all who says “Ligma” on the chat.

Ligma meme also appeared on many famous YouTubers like the PewDiePie’s Meme Review 👏👏, Scarce, DramaAlert and others.

These are the YouTubers like Keemstar and MatPat react about the Ninja’s ligma controversy.

How to cure Ligma?

We don’t know how the ligma will stop and be a dead meme but it woudn’t stop actually if there’s a troll seeks in front of you and ask a stranger “What is ligma?” Then, it will not stop.

Okay. Now it literally stopped and it transforms as a dead meme, we’re literally no doubt that this meme snaps like Thanos’ fingers too fast.