Why Tamago Live is now powerful in the Philippines (updated)


After Twitch announces their community update last, last week; and also after the resignation of the 4 Twitch SEA heads like Sir Matthias and Sir Banoobs last August, some Twitch streamers here in the Philippines are currently moving to Tamago Live to help their streams stand out.

But what are their reasons to sacrifice their partnerships to Twitch and help Tamago become the #1 streaming platform in the ASEAN region.

1. Community/ies

The support of the platform in the Philippines, or in South East Asia is totally picked. No advertisements, online or mainstream; no self-hosted Twitch events in the region, and there’s no support for small streamers who want to build their content from scratch.

Tamago on the other hand, tries to advertise on social media sites like FB, YouTube, Google Ads and many more. Also, Tamago Philippines have plans to make an event for Tamago Live streamers. They have also an event that you will be featured live on the New York City time square that has ended last week.

2. Viewership

Making new viewers on Twitch right now is so hard to achieve because there’s a lot of competitors globally to grab your views. Also, big deal if you are a PH streamer because some big streamers are migrated to Tamago Live. So you will have less competition on Twitch as a PH streamer.

Tamago Live, on the other hand will push you to make to the top because there’s a chance that you are followed if you are one of the top streamers on the front page.

3. Optimized specifically for low-end connections and in low-qualities

Twitch are currently in beta mode for low-latency streaming. It has a delay in a mobile version and in the web, for DSL users. Like 10 second delay.

Twitch’s settings tab. (Source: Twitch App)

Twitch supports quality from 160p to the source quality. It supports pop-out and audio only chat for mobile devices.

But Tamago Live has a very low latency feature, so it is suitable for mobile and DSL users because of their 2 second delays.

Tamago’s Settings tab (Source: Tamago Live App, Rumble Royale)

It supports streams up to 720p and as low as 360p if it’s transcoded. I wonder if Tamago Live will have a default quality in the future like Twitch.

4. Currencies and Subscriptions

Tamago’s T-coin Top-Up page (Source: Tamago Live App)

T-coins are the currency of Tamago. You can top-up T-coins for as low as ₱48.00 for 39 T-coins.

Tamago's Items
Tamago’s Item gifting page (Source: Tamago Live App)

This currency will be used to gift items such as bananas, and even airplanes if you want to support the stream much further.

Tamago's VIP Privileges
Tamago’s VIP Privileges (Source: Tamago Live App)

The VIP system of Tamago is actually too expensive, starting at 3000 T-coins, but as I said earlier, if you want to support much further, so that’s a big deal for the streamer. VIP perks for a streamer have a VIP Chat effect, entrances (if you are entering), and VIP seat.

Although Tamago Live is on alpha stage, meaning it is prone to crashes and bugs, and will be having a major update like emotes in the future. If you don’t have a mobile phone to register, then you will wait until the e-mail registration introduced at Tamago.

I will post a review about these two platforms in front end and their comparisons soon.


Source: Tamago Live, Twitch