Twitch Vs. Tamago Live Vs. Cube TV: Which of these three have the best features, community and functionality? (Updated)


After I reviewed why some streamers are moving to Tamago Live rather than Twitch and cover Twitch’s Community Update, I put these 3 platforms to the ultimate test.

Which of these 3 platforms has the best features, community/ies and stability?

I’ve tested this using my Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime with the decent 4G connection of Smart Communications. 4G is git gud here.

Also, I prefer to use this article on the Southeast Asian region only. Because Twitch wins on other regions like NA or EU. OMEGALUL.

1st to the test: Twitch

Twitch’s Profile Tab

Twitch is one of the most popular live streaming platforms in the whole world. And also, Twitch has a great API functionality in live streaming compared to others.

Twitch scored 4.8 stars on the App Store and 4.6 on Google Play (as of September 4, 2018). It is also working for other devices such as Windows Phone and also has a great web browser and a desktop app.

It also has a custom username and a custom channel link. You can change your profile bio and the stream title / game in the mobile or web dashboard and on live chat!

Unique Features

The platform has a chat room so you can make a sub only chat, moderators only chat, and etc.,

It also had an extension and past broadcasts so your viewers can see your vods anytime.

You can raid and host your favorite streamers by using /raid or /host.

It is easy for mods or the broadcasters to moderate the chat.


Twitch has a great tool for streaming. They have an export to YouTube feature and download feature so you can export your streams in real time.

Twitch has a decent API compared to others than YouTube Live, or others. One of the examples of websites that had a great use of the API is Streamlabs.


Even the platform had the satisfactory features, Twitch though has a major disadvantage, especially to the community.

Twitch SEA streamers right now are too few because it is too difficult to make a new viewer on Twitch. Even the 4 Twitch SEA managers have resigned because of that community thing. That’s sad 😢

That’s it. Perfect API’s and stable streams, but some fixes are necessary in the community side.

2nd to the Test: Tamago Live

Tamago Live’s profile page

Tamago Live on the other hand is now emerging and popular in the SEA region right now. I tackled it on my recent article over here.

Tamago Live scored 3.8 stars on the App Store and 4.2 on Google Play. (As of September 4, 2018). The platform also has a browser version.

Unique Features

Free Eggs

It has a free egg gifting for viewers to make you and your streamer/s leveled up.

Gifting Items

It also has an item gifting to spend your T-coins into your favorite streamers and to maintain Tamago servers.


Tamago Live has a very strong 2-3 second delay (in my end, also depending on your connection), and it is very optimized for mobile data and DSL connection.


Tamago has no support for API functionality rather than DU recorder. So you cannot create third party apps.

The app didn’t have a default quality like 360p for streaming, rather than Twitch and Cube TV.

Also, the app or the browser just randomly crashes, freezes and lags without further reason.

Top-up, giving eggs and items like bananas are strictly for mobile only and they have no other payment methods except the in-app purchases of Google Play and App Store.

The Tamago app has no pop-outs like Twitch and Cube TV. Also, They have no clipping, vods (even it’s updated, there’s no access to the past broadcasts) and export to YouTube.

Anyway, Tamago Live is in alpha mode. Meaning it is prone to bugs and crashes and it will improve their platform in the future.

Tamago Live is now shutting down their features on December 31, 2018.

3rd to the test: Cube TV

Cube TV Profile Page

One of the best Twitch clones that I’ve ever seen is the Cube TV app. There are some features that I’ve seen on twitch, but it also has unique features too.

Cube TV scored 3.4 stars on the App Store and (as of September 4, 2018). It also has a website and a streamer app for the PC.

Unique Features

Raffle Page

Cube TV has a free spin-a-wheel every day to get diamonds & tokens, and even $1 or $5 steam wallet codes!

Shop Page

It also has a shop to redeem your precious coins into goods like PS4 Pro and others.

E-Sports Central Page

The app also has an E-Sports center page to check the standings of your favorite teams like TI8 or ESL, and to reserve a slot to watch your favorite teams.


Cube TV also has a very strong 3-7 second delay like Tamago Live (in my end, also depending on your connection), and also it is very optimized for mobile data and DSL connection.

You can convert your golden eggs into diamonds for free in the raffle to support your favorite streamers.

They also have free coins for every streamer that you’ve viewed, like Tamago. It starts with 25 coins, so on and so forth.


PC Streamers are required to use the app and the cube streamer for PC to scan the code and display the stream key. So this is hassle for new streamers.

Like Tamago, Cube TV also has no support for API functionality. So you cannot create third party apps or app for yourself.

Cube TV is now famous on other foreign streamers too, so won’t you give it a try to stream on this?

Final Verdict

If you want to focus on worldwide viewers to check your stream, I recommend to use Twitch. However, if you want to start your own stream with 0 viewers, I recommend to use Tamago Live and Cube TV to make a community.

But it depends on you on how to start your stream in your chosen platforms.

So my question for you is what platform did you prefer best: Twitch, Tamago Live or Cube TV?

Also, share as your thoughts in the comments down below.

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