My ESGS 2018 3rd day experience.


I love to go to events, especially gaming events. So I am so hyped to go on the E-Sports and Gaming Summit 2018, also known as ESGS.

I’ve experience a lot of hype rather than last year, because there was a lot of exhibitors, special guests, and favorite content creators have come to witness this year’s gaming event.

See? That’s a lot of spectators waiting to get in.

I come on the 3rd day or the last day of the event. I’m here on the convention center before 9 and a whopping amount of guests waiting for the line to fill in.

And after I enter that room, there’s a lot of people waiting their turn or take a pic for their favorite streamers.

A picture of Me (right) with Angel Lyxeia (left)

I’m with Angel Lyxeia also known as MyKitty playing my first game tried on ESGS. The Project Xandata. Actually, I’m impressed on the UI and the game itself. I feel like I’m playing Overwatch again.

My pick for this game is Juggernaut. Because reasons. So the game starts. And I’ll say to me that I have an awful kill at that point because they stealing my kills. And that’s awful. But I have 7 assists. Which is so good for a supporter. LOL.

And we win the game! Yaaay! We have win loots from Project Xandata. And a clover chip from Leslie’s. Wooh.

A picture of Me (right) with ate Een Mercado (left)

After that, I go to ate Een Mercado on the Omen by HP booth to join the Heads up challenge. Some strangers on the booth didn’t knew it until my team caught it and we are a winner. And my team have a treat from Omen at that time.
After I won at Omen, My task for this ESGS is to have a picture with my online friends and streamers on the event. And the rest is here. 🙂

And… Done. Also, I have other streamers and content creators that I didn’t meet up on the event. But anyway, there’s probably a next time. 🙂

INC Members
A picture of me with KingFB’s community.

Also in the event, Royce Sy also known as KingFB and he has a meetup on all the members of the community. Also, I meet Carl Villafuerte on that event together with Prince Kit Clark.

I’ve also signed up on Rumble Royale to be a streamer someday. And some stranger identified me and took a picture. LOL

A picture of Me (right) with Atty. Larry Gadon (left)

And before I leave this event, Atty. Larry Gadon come on this event and I don’t know why he came to visit that event. It has a special guest tab by the way. So I dunno. I took a picture of me with him.

My Last year’s baller (top) together with this year’s baller (bottom)

After that, I lineup for the ballers this ESGS. And I love the design rather than the other one. It’s so detailed and the best actually.

ESGS this year is one of the most hyped compared to last year. I love these exhibits going onto the next level every year. And I hope that we will see you next year, and meet me in person.