Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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The entire crypto business in the US is now in danger.

via Naomi Brockwell

Last year, the United States Security and Exchange Commission is suing Ripple for a billion dollars because it is illegal to buy XRP in the US because it is a “security”, says the SEC.

But the Ripple CEO counterclaimed it and Ripple Labs hope that it will be relisted on a several months.

And now, LBRY. The most effective alternative to YouTube is also targeted by the SEC. It is also the same claim that it is a “security”.

If this passed, this will create a domino effect and definitely don’t want any US blockchain based businesses to operate, because the SEC is on fiats right?

This is madness and absurd and the SEC should be responsible for all the damages that been done.

If you want to support the initiative go to and sign a petition.

My experience in Wild rift (so far)

Wild rift is probably, one of the best ports of LOL PC. The graphics are a one of a kind experience, same LOL mechanics, just shorter than the PC ones; and of course, the bad ones.
For the pros, same experience as pc, but shorter because it is on mobile, and balanced mechanics, because Ezreal and Blitz being nerfed. XD
For the cons, right now there was a matchmaking disaster between ranked and pvp, so yeah. and the literally strict AFK rules.
That’s it from now because I am literally want to go to slep.

My experience having a dream.


I know it is a short post, but my experience dreaming is like… I know that I was in a dream, and just imagine it without literally seeing it.

But tbh, I have a bad vibes for my health after a dream struck me during the Typhoon Ulysses. Please, help me get a real checkup. :<

2020 is the best way to set you free.

2020 is the best year to speak the truth to your family, friends, and relatives that you trust, and set your self-jailing on lies and concequences, freed. And we wanna stand out that all men, women, LGBTQI+ are equal, with dignity, respect, and rights and cannot be abuse by anyone.
#MeToo is not just the hashtag. It is the purpose of empowering genders, as a whole, not to be physically disturbed, without permission.
Mostly, we agree that the women are a target of harassment in the first place. In work, Catcalling on the road, releasing the dragon in the bus, and it is silently crawling the lost dignity from them.
Currently, the typical problems of why are people scared of accusing him or them because most of the case is on our office itself. You know the news flirt scene in “Scary Movie 3”? I know it is bad, but that will be happened on our surroundings, and our people if we just sit there and act like a normal person, normalizing that action every single time. And that is the truth on some offices right away.
First is on the HR Dept., who does care the company, not the people (realtalk). Second is the career opportunities which is you know, if you are accussing a CEO of course, you will get punished. And third is the circle of coworkers just doing their job to have a peer pressure of I can do it or not. So that’s why a lots of accussations are messing up the internet after 2 years, or for some cases, 10 years. If you apply it everywhere, it is a really toxic society after that.
You know the history of the comfort women of the japanese soldiers during world war, the case of Hayden Kho and Katrina Hallili, the physical harassment of Vhong Navarro, the harassment case of Gretchen Fullido and the latest, the social media post case of Liza Soberano. They are the brave men and women who are willing to speak the truth and defend themselves what is right and what is wrong.
So again, please speak up for your own good, their good, and the society itself. And for the enablers out there just to defend the accussed violator, shame on you.

Please, don’t make the LOL WR community toxic again because of us.

You know what is it guys, LOL Wild rift is now available in some players here in the Philippines, and you know what the hell is happening afterwards, toxic community if Riot is not controlling them, and the “iyakan centers” and “freedom walls” which is some people just bashing them because they are suck, or the other players suck, most of the time.
And you know, because most of the players are came from… you know, the chinese moba game that I don’t want to call it, some players just fucking skip the tutorial and they know the rules of the game which is not, so they recieve a negative play after that. So I’ve picked a list of do’s and don’ts while playing a game in general.
First, If you’re new on the game, please don’t skip. Please don’t make the lobby full of cancerous players that they don’t know what the fuck they are dealing with.
Second, Please, please, please, please, please please, dont make a peenoise move in the chat. You know that there’s a kid who just wants to ruin the game, and also other kids are just trashtalking the other kid. Please don’t bear with them. Just report it and don’t counter them with just a toxic move. That’s why we are featured in many lol articles because of this.
Third, don’t ban evade. You deserved it and you will face the concequence of dealing with a lot of toxic behaviour. If you’re a casual gamer or a newbie gamer, it’s ok. Don’t do that ever again or else your account will be permaban.
Fourth, NEVER EVER posts links with hacks or skin cheats on the game. This is to promote the devs their hardwork to design, create and port wildrift to other services. Please support them.
And lastly, don’t be a dick. You know how to make a dick move to somebody, right? Don’t do that on wild rift.
Please make the LOL community here in the Philippines away for those who just ruin the game like a fucking loser. Please riot, make an improved punishment system right now.

So I’ve tried the new platform for content creators, Odysee.

Odysee is I think, the most holy shit platform I’ve ever seen because it is decentralized, we have the tabs that is suitable on your type of content, Of course the new burn or slime button for videos and comments (coming soon to comments), larger tile views, revamped comments and more.
I think that the content creating platforms right now are censoring just about everything left and right for the biggest tech companies ever built, I want to see Odysee a bigger platform that they ever imagined. You see what I did there, don’t you?
Odysee will be open for the public in a few weeks or months because of improvements and fixes, so just wait for the official announcements on their Twiter.
Until then, I think this will be fun to all creators.

Rockstar Games on GTAVI: “Stay tuned.”


It’s been 7 years until now since Rockstar Games gave us GTA V and GTA Online, but the fans want to have a new game since the release of RDR2 and RDR: Online.

Some rumors that the game is in early development, meaning that they will announce it that we will have the game years later like Final Fantasy 7: Remake
Also, a rumor spread on the internet that it will be a playstation 5 time exclusive so the console can take the full capabilities of it. But in my opinion, I will say it will be announce on E3 or TGA 2020.
By the way, the official tweet of the Rockstar Newswire says:

I think this tweet is not surprising enough, but I think Rockstar hiding something right there. I don’t know. /shrug

My raw, late opinion about the #CancelKorea trend.

#CancelKorea is trending on Twitter Philippines and it is the first on the list. A Filipina-American tiktoker Bella Porch is heavily criticized by koreans because of the war, and Koreans think that the Philippines is a “slave country” which is not.
For me, I think other koreans know that they also hate the toxic koreans who is on the internet smashing the philippine flag because of retarded normies.
And the #CancelKorea has trend because you know the filipino spirit, when other pinoys are bullied, we too. And to be honest, some tweets I read are the victims of a Filipino war veteran who died on Korean war before. Others are just normies who just bandwag the trend.
You know guys, toxicity cannot defines you as a person. Because you’re in a lot of anger and hatred in your body, they can’t just let it all out and back to normal right?
Even MAINSTREAM MEDIA is covering this because of a single dance post, geez. Please stop the hate and stop the korea vs. philippines thing and apologize to each other, the toxic and friendly communities because remember, WE ARE IN A MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC. Guys, grow up.

Happy Video Games Day guys!


You know guys, I’ve played a lot of retro games and franchises ever since my first exposure in 2006. Which is a Grade 1 LTG then.

And now here’s the internet ages where you can play and git gud with these online. Rainbow Six Siege and among us are one of the best games I’ve ever played online.
What do you think is the best game for you from your childhood until now? Let us know in the comments below.

Wild Rift is now open for registration for iOS users!


Yes, you heard it right.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is now accepting emails for iOS users as a part of the ongoing region-by-region basis of testing the game for some regions.
On a facebook post, the wild rift team says this:

Follow the Wild Rift team or subscribe to our blog for more updates on the rift!

Here are the official Twitter and Facebook pages of Wild Rift.