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Painting a happy little tree...
Rushing B, Cyka blyat!
Saturday, April 20, 2019
Kitty playing League of Legends.

The queen of cats, MyKitty Gaming is our streamer featured for this week!

From a cute gamer, to become a great streamer, MyKitty is one of the emerging level up streamers here on Facebook Gaming. I picked her because she had a great potential to grow and be a big streamer in the future. And she knows how to build a great community for it.

So what actually is “Ligma”?

Have you heard about the news that the Twitch streamer Ninja was diagnosed with ligma last week. It is also reported by many news sources. So what is ligma and why it is spread on the internet so much?

Our alternative filipino twitch channel, Jopeth23 is our streamer of the week!

If you want some punny tito jokes while watching / playing games with him, well go to Jopeth23, the Alternative Filpino Twitch Channel. I picked him because he is entertaining and he is a humble person by the way.

No Credit Card? No Problem! These are the two recommended apps that you can...

Some online games will require payment methods like PayPal, Visa / MasterCard Credit Card. So if you don’t have these, What will you do? These are the recommended apps will you convert cash into game credits!
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