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Painting a happy little tree...
Rushing B, Cyka blyat!
Saturday, April 20, 2019

Twitch Vs. Tamago Live Vs. Cube TV: Which of these three have the best...

I put Twitch, Tamago Live and Cube TV into an ultimate test. Which of these 3 have a better features, better community and better stability than the others?
Kitty playing League of Legends.

The queen of cats, MyKitty Gaming is our streamer featured for this week!

From a cute gamer, to become a great streamer, MyKitty is one of the emerging level up streamers here on Facebook Gaming. I picked her because she had a great potential to grow and be a big streamer in the future. And she knows how to build a great community for it.

These are my tips and tricks if you started streaming on such platforms.

If you want to start a gaming, a variety stream, or just your normal IRL stream on a different platforms, you will conquer a lot of challenges and unexpected circumstances on your brand.

So what actually is “Ligma”?

Have you heard about the news that the Twitch streamer Ninja was diagnosed with ligma last week. It is also reported by many news sources. So what is ligma and why it is spread on the internet so much?
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